CPR Game

What is it?

Created by Emergency Medicine Physicians — CPR game is an app that simulates Code scenarios in the ER using Gamification. There is a large ACLS component in it, but calling the app an ACLS app would be shortsighted. The app takes you through various pulseless scenarios and gives you a plethora of intervention options.

What was Innovative?

The app is innovative because not only does it include ACLS, but it does so in an extremely detailed manner — scoring you while you do this. For example, if you don’t get a second IV placed in the patient in a timely fashion, points will be deducted. The app gives you the ability to put in chest tubes and IO lines, get emergency bedside ultrasounds and more.

Why is it important?

The app uses Gamification to teach Code scenarios in a meticulous fashion. There is no better ACLS / Code scenario app available in the App Store. We went so far as to write a piece on how this app has the potential to produce better Physicians and potentially even save lives.


iMedicalApps: CPR game
iTunes: CPR game ($1.99)