First Aid by the American Red Cross

What is it?

The American Red Cross has released a series of apps aimed at helping the population with emergency situations. This was largely seen with Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Coast of the United States and their Hurricane App being downloaded to help the community. In addition, the Red Cross has also created a basic first aid app.

What was innovative?

One of the key features of the app was the ability to help users understand basic skills for first aid through video and step-by-step instructions. One of the greatest features that could be expanded further was the integration of gamification in education and reinforcement of the material. Being able to earn badges and then uploading them to the Apple Game Center was a great way for users to test themselves.

Why is this important?

Using gaming mechanics in apps to educate both patients and healthcare providers can be beneficial in making learning both fun and informative. However, this must be done right — information can’t be dulled down, or the game becomes the main focus. The American Red Cross set the standard for teaching patients via gamification with this app.


iMedicalApps: First Aid
iTunes: First Aid by American Red Cross (Free)