By: Iltifat Husain, MD; Timothy Aungst, PharmD; Tom Lewis

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At iMedicalApps, our goal is to review apps from a Physician standpoint so we can help healthcare providers navigate the growing number of available medical and healthcare apps. There were times this year when an app caused us to pause and think, “Why hasn’t anyone ever done this before?”, or “This is the future of mobile medicine”.

With 2012 coming to an end, we have put together a list of innovative medical and healthcare apps — apps that gave us pause and represent the future of mobile medicine. These apps should also inspire developers and other healthcare providers to think outside the box when developing their own medical apps. Of note, most of the apps mentioned in this compilation are free to download.


This review is a culmination of apps that have been reviewed by iMedicalApps and based on favorites by the editors. Some of the apps listed are in the process of being reviewed by iMedicalApps and have not been published yet. We chose apps in different genres (patient education, medical imaging, clinical reference, bedside mobile tools, etc.) and identified apps that were ‘game’ changers for the field.

Wrist Repair

What is it?

This year saw a huge advancement in patient education apps. Meditech developed Wrist Repair to help educate patients on the steps required when undergoing Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF) of a distal radius fracture — a common orthopedic surgery.

What was Innovative?

The app utilized a slew of 3D visualizations to hep users understand the procedure being performed during the surgery. Additionally, the app gave unique views of just 3D reconstructions of the wrists, view of the bones only, or via an x-ray view.

The app allowed the user to zoom in and out and allowed clinicians to highlight or annotate in the app areas of demonstration — this is the most innovative part of the app — it allows dynamic interaction for clinicians while they are educating patients.

Why is it important?

Wrist Repair provides a blueprint to developers and health care providers on how mobile multimedia can be used with patients.


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