Purpose of the Review

This app review strives to establish if the Android app iMedicine Review lite can be of use to health care professionals.

Is this app a tool physicians should count on?


Internal medicine physicians specialize in applying scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients across a wide spectrum.

In today’s complex medical environment, internists are required to be able to deal with a myriad of conditions during hospitalizations which is why reference and training apps can play a vital part.

User Interface

The Lite version of the app has most of its content restricted, only 36 sample questions are available for review while the updated full app offers more than 1500 MCQs.

As iMedicine Review lite is launched, it displays a simple list of three items. The first is called “Introduction to iMedicine Review”, which acts as both an about section and a help section, giving information on the general use and intent of the app.

The general approach is to have a small description of a case and then the users is asked to answer treatment courses, diagnostic studies and procedures pertaining to the case.

The second item on this list for the Lite version is “Cardiovascular disorders” which contains cases on Valvular and Congenital Heart Diseases.

The last category for the Lite version has cases about  “Endocrinology and Metabolism”–adrenal gland disorders to be exact.


  • Lite version is free
  • Fullversion is $5.99


  • Cases are good practice


  • User interface is quite poor
  • Lacks images or sounds
  • Multiple-choice questions are very straightforward


  • iMedicine Review might have some use if you are looking for a quick practice on the bus ride home but it has little to offer for a more in-depth approach.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • No

Google Play Store


Overall: 2/5 Stars
User Interface: 2/5 stars. The UI is simple but very unattractive.
Multimedia Coverage: 2/5. Images, sounds and videos are lacking.
Price: 3/5 Stars. The lite version is free while the full version costs  $5.99.
Real World Applicability: 2/5 Stars. I don’t see physicians using this app for long.