Purpose of App Review

As our scientific knowledge advances, more and more diseases are discovered to be linked to genetic traits. Keeping up with this information represents a daunting task for any physician whose primary field isn’t genetics.

Today, we intend to find out if Genetics 4 Medics can be used as a reference by physicians and medical students alike.


Genetics 4 Medics application is intended to facilitate the learning process as well as to refresh the knowledge which has already been acquired.

It’s the first app developed by starting company Apps4medics.

User Interface

The app’s main screen presents us a list of more than 200 genetic conditions, 50 of which will be available for the free version user. Each genetic condition has the following information:

  • Background & Genetics: a brief description of the genetic cause (gene mutation, chromosomal location etc) and inheritance pattern of the condition.
  • Salient Features: where Clinical features commonly associated with the condition are explained.
  • Links to external online resources such as Wikipedia, Google Images and Youtube videos.

On the ‘Clues’ tab, we find 150 clinical features that unify the different conditions into clues to keep in mind when considering a genetic condition. Only 50 clues are available on the free version.

The ‘Gene Teaser’ acts as the quiz game of this app, where users can practice their knowledge of the conditions described in the application.


The ‘Condition Mapping’ tab has conditions mapped to their chromosomal locus. Taping on the titles will open up the description page.

The ‘Basics’ describes some basic genetic concepts and genetic investigations using simple terminology. The contents of this tab is only available on the full version.


  • The app comes in two versions. A free one and a paid one which is $4.70


  • Information is reliable
  • Relevant conditions are present
  • User interface is friendly


  • Could use more visual aids


  • Genetics 4 Medics is a good app with solid information on genetic conditions. Information is easy to navigate and one can access it quickly.
  • The free version allows the user to experience the app and find out for themselves if it’s something they will have use.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

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Overall: 4/5 Stars
User Interface: 4/5 stars. Very easy to use.
Multimedia Coverage: 3/5. Good graphics but lacks sounds or video.
Price: 3/5 Stars. A fair balance between price and content.
Real World Applicability: 3/5 Stars. Though this is not an app that would be used on a daily basis by a medical student or physician it’s a handy tool to have around.