Purpose of App Review

The purpose of this app review is to determine if Dermatology app is of use to medical students and resident physicians looking to learn about skin conditions.


Visual media is particularly well suited to learning medicine. Health information has never been so easily understandable or more accessible.

Dermatology app is developed by Focus Medica, a company committed to simplifying medicine through the use of visual media according to their web site.

User Interface

Upon launching the app, a list of entries is displayed where we can find over 80 dermatological terms in alphabetical order.

Upon clicking on one such entry, we get a brief definition and the chance to see a small video to illustrate the point. The free version allows the user to access only 5 definitions.


  • The app comes in two versions. A free one and a paid one which is $7.31


  • Animations look great


  • The free version only has 5 definitions
  • Definitions could have more information

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  •  Medical students


  • Dermatology App has the potential to be useful but having only 5 definitions available (out of 80) severely limits the user’s experience and counts against it.
  • One can’t help but wonder why the developer would limit access to the text definitions and the animations instead of just disabling the rest of the animations since the animations are quite good and can be of great help.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  •  No

Google Play Store


Overall: 2.5/5 Stars

User Interface: 3/5 stars. Easy enough to use.
Multimedia Coverage: 5/5. Excellent animations, very clear and educational.
Price: 2/5 Stars. The app’s free version is not very useful.
Real World Applicability: 2/5 Stars. This is not an app that would be used on a daily basis even by a medical student.