Worldwide Diabetes afflicts 347 million people, the World Health Organization estimates that that number will increase by 2/3 between 2008 and 2030.

Like all chronic conditions, patient education and proper tracking is key in keeping the nastier aspects of the disease at bay.

In this article we’ll be reviewing OnTrack Diabetes, an application that helps diabetics manage their diabetes by tracking various items such as blood glucose, food, medication, blood pressure (BP), pulse, exercise and weight.

This application is developed by GExperts Inc, a small company owned by Gerald Nunn.


The App

OnTrack’s layout has six buttons and a summary of recent entries.

The buttons allows us to:

  • “Add” entries
  • “Edit” entries
  • See “Reports”
  • See “Graphs”
  • Use “Tools”
  • Change “Settings”

As you would expect tapping “Add” let’s us enter values for different items such as Glucose, Foods, Exercise, Medication, Weight and Blood Pressure among others.

The Categories drop-down menu allows us to quickly classify the entry whether the value we are entering occurs after having lunch or if we were feeling sick. We can add further information attaching a Note to the entry.

Also on the “Add” screen are two buttons represented by dots where we can customize Categories and change their labels. An option to set reminders is available. The “Edit” button just takes us to a screen where options to change previously entered values are found. The “Reports” screen lists different kinds of reports that the app can provide such as a Log Book, Glucose levels, statistics and many others.

The “Graph” section works like the prettier cousin of the Reports section. Here we will find all sorts of charts: pies, line graphs, etc. We can customize the colors and labels of each item represented.

The “Tools” button takes us to a screen where we can manipulate our data. We can perform backups to our SD card and we can even restore them. If we choose to export we can e-mail it.  Shortcuts to customizing Categories are also present.

We can access the app’s  “Settings” and adjust them to our liking.


One can’t help but to be impressed by how comprehensive this app is. One can customize most things present to make it truly yours.

The amount of sorting you can do with the different entries is bordering on obsessive in a good sense. Patients using this app will have made their physician’s life easier by providing tons of information to work with.

However, patients who would in fact use this app fully are scarce. The developers truly worked hard on this app to make it a valuable tool but they seem to have left the human aspect of the issue out.


  • Free


  • Customization everywhere
  • Comprehensive tracking
  • Excellent reports and graphs
  • Way more features than a user could want


  • User interface is simple but not friendly
  • Way more features than a user could want


OnTrack Diabetes is a great app and a valuable tool for the physician in our quest of fighting Diabetes. If you have a patient who is very strict and by the book, this app is the way to go as they’ll take full advantage of its capabilities; otherwise a simpler app might do the trick.

Google Play Link

Additional Information

App Version and Price: v 1.0, Free
Phone used for review: Motorola Droid 3
Developer:  GExperts Inc.