Purpose of App Review

To explore the utility of RealWorld Radiology in medical education.


Radiology can be intimidating for beginners to pick up due to its many subtle findings.

Many lecturers will often describe images without pointing out findings on the slides.

RealWorld Radiology is a universal iOS app that facilitates the learning process by directly highlighting X-ray images and explaining findings from real patient cases.

User Interface

Trainees may often find radiology to be difficult to learn through traditional approaches. RealWorld Radiology’s refreshing approach is to highlight and explain these interesting signs directly on the X-ray image itself.

At its core, RealWorld Radiology is a collection of about 28 patient cases that have been read, interpreted and highlighted. These cases are then sorted according to medical diagnoses or various technical findings. Selecting a medical diagnosis or technical finding will expand the list to display various patient cases that include your selection.

Lateral views of the chest are also available for select cases in addition to the PA view, with the points of interest still highlighted.

Since the app is a universal iOS app, all of the content is present on both the iPad and  iPhone–although it has not yet been optimized for the iPhone 5.

RealWorld Radiology does an excellent job of highlighting technical findings on X-ray images. Rather than guessing at findings in lecture, trainees can see exactly where the points of interest are on these images. The app could definitely benefit from additional cases, as I found myself looking at the same patients quite often, and the greater volume would help solidify knowledge. More in-depth explanations into each of the technical findings would also be valuable for trainees.


  • $2.99


  • Novel and effective way of demonstrating radiological findings


  • Could be improved with the addition of more cases (currently around 28) and explanations of each technical finding

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • Physicians and residents from many specialties
  • Medical students
  • Radiology technicians


  • RealWorld Radiology effectively teaches radiology through an effective method of highlighting radiological findings.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

Rating: (1 to 5 stars) 4.5 stars
User Interface: 4 – Simple to navigate
Multimedia usage: 5 – Beautiful use of highlighted X-ray images
Price: 4 – Good price considering its educational value
Real world applicability: 5 – Would recommend as practice cases

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