Qualcomm has announced the launch of the 2Net Platform in Europe to enable telehealth providers and medical device companies quickly deploy mobile health products/services to clients in an effort to lower the cost of chronic disease management.

This extension of the Qualcomm 2Net Platform in the EU makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider the EU has the highest burden of chronic disease in the world, so severe the WHO considers it to be an epidemic.

Qualcomm named two companies as official launch partners, Telbios and Cystelcom. Telbios is a leading provider of remote health monitoring solutions for chronic disease management in Italy and will be utilizing the 2Net platform to achieve greater scale and cost efficiency for its services. Qualcomm’s platform offers a CE certified secure, cloud-based solution that makes biometric data easily accessible by device users, their health care providers and caregivers.

“Today, we don’t have the broader infrastructure and experience in wireless technologies that Qualcomm Life brings to this collaboration,” said Telbios CTO Dr. Andrea Mason in a case study released by Qualcomm along with their announcement of the European launch. “Together we are able to scale our offering to decrease costs and increase availability of telehealth across Italy.”

“We have a number of customers in Europe and the U.S. who want to extend their mobile health solutions in multiple regions around the world, and they need to provide a reliable service that is not impacted by geographic boundaries,” said Rick Valencia, vice president and general manager of Qualcomm Life, in a press release. “Launching our wirelessly enabled healthcare ecosystem into Europe is another step toward the realization of our vision –– a world with access to healthcare anytime and anywhere.”

The real disruptive potential of the 2Net ecosystem is the fact that it can instantly transform any room into an extension of a hospital setting by enabling the near real-time monitoring of individuals via a secure platform accessible by physicians. I had a chance to speak with Anthony Shimkin and

“There is a clear imperative for health services providers and manufacturers to invest in remote monitoring solutions to improve patient outcomes and align with preventive care initiatives. Europe’s governing bodies have demonstrated a commitment to robust pilots, such as the 3 Million Lives project sponsored by the Department of Health in the U.K.,” said Laurent Vandebrouck, managing director of Qualcomm Life Europe. “Qualcomm Life has been helping its customers pave the way for wireless health in the U.S., and this is an exciting time to extend our services and offering in Europe.”

The 2Net system currently has more than 100 medical device manufacturers, application developers, health care services companies and payors in various stages of integration with the 2Net ecosystem. The plug-and-play nature of the 2Net Platform eliminates many of the challenges associated with launching comprehensive remote monitoring services.