Winners have been announced in the Blue Button Mash-up Challenge, which called upon developers to create applications which combine Blue Button data downloaded from a hospital, health plan, or doctor's office EHR/EMR with two or more of the three part “aim” categories.

Part one of these three aims is better care interactions with the system, such as including tools to rate and compare physicians, hospitals, and other care quality data, combining clinical data and medical claims data to create a comprehensive list of an individual's medical conditions.

Part two called for features to support better care for oneself outside the healthcare system, such as supporting an individual's personally stated health goals or providing easily understood representations of an individuals health status in comparison to others of a similar demographic.

Part three is reducing costs by providing information related to costs of relevant healthcare services and/or financial savings likely to accrue from behavior changes, or creating algorithms that exhibit cost savings to the individual and/or the health system if the individual makes healthy living interventions.

First prize went to Humetrix for their iBlueButton application, which has been available on iTunes since early 2012. Humetrix is one of only three VA Blue Button health partners, and the company is in serious conversations with several Health Information Exchanges, large health plans, and telecom companies regarding additional strategic partnerships for future iterations of the iBlueButton app.

Second place went to the team from Intelligent Decisions and their ID Blue Button application, which provides users a comprehensive lifespan of their health data on their mobile device so it can be better understood, easily shared, and used to live healthier. The ID Blue Button app is largely focused on displaying health data in a timeline format.

Third place was awarded to InstantPHR, developed by Get Real Consulting, which is a HealthVault-native toolbox that easily creates and customizes personal health applications, including patient and healthcare professional portals, disease management platforms, among others.

Judges for the Blue Button Mashup Challenge included–Lynne Durham, Relay Health; Chuck Officer, UnitedHealthcare; Tiffany Peterson, Tiffany and Lupus; Karson Mahler, HHS; Kelly Young, Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior.