Three months ago — almost to the day — I wrote a piece about how Epocrates was becoming irrelevant to medical professions.

One of my main issues with Epocrates was the lack of innovation. Their iOS app refreshes were not well received and it seemed they were more focused on delivering doctor alerts rather than improving the overall Physician experience.

With the release of their iPad app yesterday, in one fell swoop, they have completely reversed course.

Epocrates could have taken their iPhone app and just made it bigger for the iPad format. Instead, they did what they haven’t been doing for the last few years — they innovated.

They created a great new iPad app with an innovated User Interface. Some of the new features are utilizing tabs for looking up drugs, and a reskinned pill identifier.

The main competitors for Epocrates in regards to drug monographs are Skyscape, Micromedex, and Medscape. Only Medscape comes close to matching Epocrate’s beautiful iPad UI.

We’ll be publishing a full review on the Epocrates iPad app after our writers get to use it for a few days in the clinical setting.

It’s nice to see Epocrates innovating again, hopefully they aren’t too late.

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