The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.

It is also part of the world’s largest volunteer network found in 187 countries.

Over 10 million people learn emergency skills such as CPR through the Red Cross courses every year.

This First Aid app is an attempt to extend on that spirit and provide advise on emergency situations to the average untrained person.

The App

After launching American Red Cross’ First Aid app we are faced with its main screen consisting of a series of five tabs on which all the items are listed:

  • Learn
  • Prepare
  • Emergency
  • Test
  • More

The first tab is labeled “Learn” and on it we will find information on how to treat conditions as different as “Burns” and “Meningitis” as well as some basic knowledge about the condition if applicable.

Some of the “Learn” items even have videos appended to help the user understand the techniques.

The “Prepare” tab provides a list of tips and key elements to keep in mind in order to think ahead of time and prepare for the eventuality that disaster might strike. Checklists are given in order to help the user keep track of the necessary items.

The “Emergency” tab is useful when you just need quick information about a specific situation ie. you find yourself on said situation. The data shown on this tab is an abbreviated version of their corresponding “Learn” articles focused mainly on the correct course of action. The “Emergency” articles are integrated with your phone so that one can activate the emergency system while reading the guidelines (though this would only work on countries where 911 is the standard emergency number).

As is common on most apps these days, you can probably guess that the “Test” tab consists of questions to assert whether or not what to do on these emergency scenarios has become clear.

Finally, the “More” tab contains information about the app, links to the Red Cross store and emergency courses.


American Red Cross’ First Aid app appears to be very well designed, the information is accurate and friendly so that patients can benefit from it. The use of videos to better explain emergency maneuvers is a great addition as are all sorts of checklists to prepare for natural disasters and other situations.

As was mentioned earlier one can call the emergency system from within the app, this is good thinking though it could use a bit more work on. What happens if the user is traveling outside of the United States? Dialing 911 might not get you anywhere if you are abroad. Perhaps GPS-related functions could be used to take advantage of this feature.


  • Free


  • Friendly user interface
  • Solid information
  • Videos are great
  • App is integrated with the phone


  • App assumes one is on the United States of America


  • American Red Cross’ First Aid app is a great app and we can definitively see it being useful to patients and family members. To the physician, the app provides little worthwhile information other than how to prepare for hurricanes or tornadoes.

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Additional Information

App Version: 1.0
Phone used for review: Motorola Droid 3
Price: Free
Developer: American Red Cross