One of the most popular clinical uses for the iPad amongst physicians is browsing the internet to websites such as UpToDate to find out more about a particular drug or treatment. Once you have found this information, you may well want to save it for reference. Unfortunately your options are rather limited as you can either:

  • Mail yourself a link
  • Take a screenshot of the page (and potentially email it to yourself)
  • Take advantage of iCloud and share tabs with your home PC (if you own a Mac)
  • Save it as a bookmark


  • Save it as a PDF as shown below and import it into your favourite storage medium eg Dropbox/Evernote

The advantages of saving a webpage as a PDF is that you can keep the formatting as it is laid out on the page. You don’t need internet access to go back to the link (which may move or change with time). You can store it in a place that is easily accessible. Watch the tutorial video for more information related to how to save a webpage as a PDF.

Those who have watched the video tutorial on how to set up an iPad will have seen how to do this but for everyone else, here is what you need: Readdle PDF converter is $6.99; however, it is the most stable and the best for the job.

Why Readdle PDF Converter:

  • Can convert webpages into PDFs simply
  • Converts all your PDFs offline on your iPad (saves sending them to a server)
  • Links in with all the apps on your iPad that can handle PDFs eg Goodreader, PDF Expert, Evernote, Dropbox
  • You can create PDF files from Microsoft Office or iWork files, web pages and even photos

Perhaps the only downside of this PDF converter is that it is only available on the iPad so you can’t create PDFs on your iPhone.

If you have any questions or problems, let us know in the comments below!