To note, although Bookmark and History options may seem simple and even mundane, these functions are intrinsically absent on UpToDate’s website, and perhaps may be the reason the app version is better as we will see later. Lastly, under “Settings,” you won’t find any adjustable setting, but you can check your account information or send feedback to UpToDate.

The core to UpToDate’s services lies in its articles, which, according to the app, are constantly being monitored, updated, and peer reviewed by physicians. The app really takes its content and credibility seriously, and provides its users information on each article’s references, contributing authors, reviewing physicians, conflict of interests, and latest update dates.

UpToDate does not slack one bit with their mobile app in this aspect as well, and still manages to fit all this subsidiary information into each article in a remarkably non-intrusive way. This becomes very important to instill confidence in its users, especially when an app is targeting physicians and influencing patient care.

Most of us have had an experience with UpToDate or other similar online services, and I doubt its content and layout need much introduction. The Android version of UpToDate basically reflects its website counterpart, but presents each article initially as a collapsed menu, which makes navigation on smartphones much easier and less overwhelming, especially when dealing with long and sophisticated articles. In addition, a “Summary and Recommendations” bar sits on top of each page that makes navigation even quicker for time-constrained users.

UpToDate supplements their articles with graphs, pictures, tables, and, again, usually a long list of references. The mobile app version does not cut itself any slack just because it’s a mobile app and includes all the supplemental material as well. Any related topic or reference are interlinked for direct navigation.

With so much going on in this app, I am definitely very impressed on how the app is able to cram all this material and functionality onto small mobile screens and still manage to make the browsing environment feel comfortable and uncluttered.

During my previous uses of UpToDate on the computer, I have honestly never really bothered to explore its “Calculator” section because of how tucked away it was on the website and also since multiple other options were a Google search away.

However, the app seems to put a little more emphasis on this section and has definitely caught my attention. To my surprise, UpToDate’s library of calculators are just as robust and extensive as many other medical calculator apps! Some of these calculators can be really specific, e.g. “international prognostic score in Hodgkin’s lymphoma.” The calculators are categorized by specialty and clinical settings, making navigation through UpToDate’s library of calculators simple and intuitive.