Purpose of App Review

To explore the use of Ortho Traumapedia in treating orthopedic injuries


Treatment of orthopedic injuries can be both simple in principle but complex in its details.

Ortho Traumapedia aims to provide quick access to the most pertinent details of injuries seen in orthopedic surgery.

User Interface

Ortho Traumapedia is an iPhone app designed with simple navigation and quick browsing in mind.

The first screen immediately lays out all its content, with multiple joints and bones classified under dislocations or fractures.

Selecting an injury will direct the user to a section with in-depth information about the injury. Information here is presented in note form, not unlike those seen in PowerPoint lectures.

Users can quickly jump between facts, images, classification, or treatment information for each injury. Despite only listing the most pertinent information, the amount of text can sometimes becoming a bit cumbersome.

I found the images section to be useful because it lists a number of suggested imaging views that should be ordered for each injury. A few images are shown for each injury with labeling to remind trainees of the anatomy. Disappointingly though, many of the images shown are of normal anatomy, rather than an example of the injury in question.

The classification section lists a number of common schemes to classify each injury along with relevant diagrams.

Lastly, the text-heavy treatment section provides a very quick overview of recommended treatments based on the severity of the injury, and possible complications. Because the details of treatment can often be quite complicated, the information listed here seemed to be more useful for decision-making than actually performing the treatment.

Overall, Ortho Traumapedia  succeeds in quickly obtaining pertinent information to aid the decision-making process when dealing with orthopedic trauma. It does not have many bells or whistles, but it manages to cover the most important material briefly in note format. I would’ve liked more radiological images of actual pathology, but the app is otherwise a solid choice for trainees.


  • $9.99


  • Quick access to information on common orthopedic injuries
  • The most pertinent information is covered briefly, ideal for use in a clinical setting


  • Not enough images of actual pathology

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • Orthopedic surgeons/residents, emergency medicine physicians/residents, family medicine physicians/residents, medical students, nurses


  • Ortho Traumapedia is a bare bones app that covers essential orthopedic injuries, but stands to benefit from additional multimedia.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

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Rating: (1 to 5 stars) 3 stars

  • User Interface: 3
  • Multimedia usage: 2
  • Price: 2
  • Real world applicability: 5


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