Lark (@ourlark) has made its mark developing wrist worn sleep monitors. The Lark Original and Lark Pro are devices which monitor sleep patterns, gently nudge users awake, and offer personalized advice on how to improve sleep patterns.

Lark CEO Julia Lu told TechCrunch the company has sold “tens of thousands” of its devices, with 73 percent of users purportedly experiencing improvement after using Lark Pro for just one month.

The company has now officially launched a daytime compliment to their sleep monitor, the Larklife, which shares many features with leading activity monitors like Nike Fuelband.

It measures basic fitness stats such as calories burned, distance traveled, and steps taken, as well as food eaten and sleep.

The Larklife system consists of three core parts, which work together to offer 24/7 personalized biofeedback based on measured activity levels – a daytime band, a nighttime band, and an iOS app. Larklife was designed by Ammunition, the same design firm behind the Beats by Dre headphones.

According to Lu, the Larklife’s key differentiating feature is on the app side, which is designed to provide users healthy/motivational tips and feedback throughout the day which they can act on at any moment. One example of this feedback would be if you sleep poorly, the Larklife app will remind you to eat a hearty breakfast to ensure you have maximum energy and focus throughout the day.

Another unique feature of the Larklife system is one-tap diet tracking, meaning that instead of needing to keep a detailed food journal, users can simply push the button on the band to indicate eating and add more detail later if desired.

Larklife will cost $149.99, which is comparable to Nike Fuelband, and will be sold at retail outlets later this year or for pre-order on the Lark website.