Hipposoft has stepped up their game and brought Android users probably their best app to date, Lab Values + Medical Reference (which we will call Lab Values+ from here on).

Lab Values+ is basically a combination of 3 different medical references.

Users will be able to find lab reference values, medical abbreviations, and medical prefixes and suffixes all on one beautifully designed app.

Although already heavily loaded with medical knowledge, Hipposoft does not stop there.

They manage to make this ‘encyclopedia’ into a useful tool for health care providers as well by adding customization options for virtually every single data field.

This added functionality really makes Lab Values+ into a beast of an app and expands its utility way beyond a mere reference guide.

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When firing up the app, the user is asked to choose among the three different sections. The main menu does create an extra layer for users to click through before they are able to access the actual content.

Fortunately, the developers are aware of this issue (and also how impatient physicians can be) and have added an option to bypass this page under “settings.” Also worth mentioning is that all data is locally stored, which means no internet access is required to use the app.

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According to the developers, the Lab Reference Values section includes 256 of the most common laboratory tests encountered in the medical setting, organized into 16 classic categorizes, including the familiar electrolyte panel, hematology panel, and liver panel.

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Under each specific laboratory test, you are presented with a wealth of information ranging from normal reference values, critical values, descriptions, differentials, to even tube-top colors for specimen collection. In addition, quick links are conveniently provided at the bottom to other related laboratory tests and also to multiple different online resources in case the user is interested in learning more about the specific test.

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