These past couple months, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a full subscription to IMAIOS, which is perhaps the most comprehensive and advanced online educational service for medical professionals that I have ever seen.

As a new diagnostic radiology resident, I find myself spending hours on IMAIOS’ website in awe of their beautiful flash-based animations and interactive contents.

IMAIOS is an education service that focuses on the human anatomy and the complexities of clinical imaging, and they have definitely done a fantastic job at it.

This review will focus on the Android app version, and specifically we will see if the mobile form can compare to the website.

IMAIOS consists of several different sections, including online courses and clinical cases, but by far their most impressive feat is their human anatomy atlas, “e-Anatomy.” Fortunately, IMAIOS has been able to convert this massive human atlas onto our android smartphones with their app, “IMAIOS e-Anatomy.”

In order to benefit from IMAIOS and e-Anatomy, you do need to pay for their content, which is either $69/year or a one-time fee of $209.97 as stated on their Google Play page. Quite pricey, but with such quality content in a robust and well-designed app, this should not be a surprise to anyone.

The full app is a heavy one and requires roughly 400Mb of data to be downloaded after the initial installation. Perhaps this may be a hassle for some, but the download is just a one-time process, and you will end up with amazing local content.

In other words, absolutely no internet access is required afterwards! On Google Play, most of the reviews have been commenting on the difficulty of downloading. I personally had to attempt twice before successfully downloading the data.

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Downloading the 400Mb is definitely well worth the wait, and once you start the app up for the very first time, you’ll notice the abundance of modules at your disposal and the breathtaking quality of these images. The app has been extremely stable during my use despite the heavy amount of data that it requires to run.

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The app is close to being a complete translation of their online counterpart and contains almost every single module you’ll find on e-Anatomy’s website. The modules include illustrated diagrams, CTs, MRIs, angiograms, 3D reconstructions, PET/CTs, and even a separate cadaver module!

Basically, all the important diagrams from gross anatomy text books and almost all the common imaging studies that are encountered in clinical settings are loaded into a total of 38 modules in this single app.

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The CT and MRIs are truly where this app shines and makes other smartphone anatomy apps look amateurish. First, IMAIOS allows you to browse through the human body as clinicians or radiologists would in real-life: with axial, coronal, or sagittal images. The images are stacked in sequence with one another and with a finger swipe, you can scroll through the images like you would sitting at a PACS work-station in the hospital.