Shift Labs is a startup on a mission to develop “hyper low-cost” medical devices for resource limited settings, including hospice care and developing world clinics among others.

The company’s first product is the Drip Clip, which replaces expensive pumps that dose fluid from IV bags.

The Drip Clip was inspired by a doctor working with Physicians Without Borders who observed the difficulty that front-line health workers in resource limited countries face when attempting to accurately estimate medication doses.

Currently, they must count the number of IV drips by hand and then, in their heads, estimate the accurate doses of crucial medication.

To date the company has developed a solution for counting drop rate from an IV, designed and validated early prototypes of the Drip Clip, and validated electronics systems for the device. All the Shift Labs team still has to complete before their product is ready for field testing is to finalize the casing and pull the trigger on manufacturing. Its their hope the funds raised via their on-going IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign will get them all the way through this last phase of R&D and lead them into the field testing phase with some momentum.

The Drip Clip is a truly elegant solution to this serious, though easily overlooked problem. I must say, of the many hundreds, maybe even thousands of digital health startups I have written and read about over the past few years, Shift Labs has the best corporate motto: Simple Saves Lives. All too often companies think they must build the most feature laden product to get the attention of their target customers, which is understandable in the increasingly crowded digital health market.

However, the truly great digital health startups, at least in my opinion, are those developing the simplest possible solutions for the biggest problems facing patients and clinicians.

Check out the company’s pitch video below and below the video see what a contribution to the Shift Labs IndieGoGo campaign will earn you.

$35 – Behind the scenes report – We’ll email you special trip report of our field progress. We want you to see how your support is helping make this low-cost technology more effective. We’ll provide in-depth details about our work in the field, giving you feedback from real doctors and nurses, photos of clinical settings, and a narrative of our analysis and design decisions.

$45 – Party at Shift Labs – You’ll get a chance to come enjoy some music, beverages, and hopefully some autumn Seattle sun in the backyard of a Shift Labs co-founder. We’ll provide the festive atmosphere, but you need to get yourself to Seattle. You’ll also get a sticker and a shout-out on the website.

$72 – Drip Clip for the field – Maybe you have no plants and you don’t like absinthe, but you still want to support our project. $72 will pay for a Drip Clip we’ll use in the field. We’ll send you a sticker and give you a website shout-out.

$75 – Drip Clip of your own – You’ll get a Drip Clip of your very own and offset our field testing costs! We suggest at-home drip counter uses for absinthe or agriculture, but we’re really looking forward to the DIY projects people come up with. We’ll keep the blog updates coming with uses people find for their Drip Clips. You’ll also get a sticker and a shout-out on the website. Folks outside the US, please add $23 for international shipping.

$100 – Drip Clip + t-shirt – You get a Drip Clip (let us know if you want it for yourself or the field) *and* a t-shirt with the attractive Shift Labs logo. Just in time for the holidays! Folks outside the US, please add $25 for international shipping.

$150 – Drip Clips for you and the field – Our own version of Buy One Get One. We’ll send you a Drip Clip of your very own, but you’ll also be supporting the manufacture of a Drip Clip that will go into the field. We’ll even label your field tester with a name of your choosing. You’ll also get a sticker and a shout-out on the website. Folks outside the US, please add $23 for international shipping.

$250 – Face time with Shift Labs – This one is for supporters who think that talking about global health and hardware hacking in the same breath is cool. If you’re in Seattle, a couple Shift Labs co-founders will meet with you in person, and if you’re elsewhere, we’ll do a video conference. Learn more about what we’re doing or share with us ideas on how to fix global health.

$500 – Your face in a training video – In addition to our hardware prototypes, we’re also working on one software solution — low-cost interactive medical training to accompany a World Health Organization training course. For $500 we’ll use your picture as the basis for one of our patient or medical personnel avatars!

$500 – Drip Clip + 2 TBD prototypes – We only wish we had more avatars to offer! Instead, we’ll send you a Drip Clip PLUS future surprise packages containing early versions of the next two awesome Shift Labs creations. It might be an oxygen sensor. Or a cold box. Or a haptic diagnostic tool. Own a piece of medical hackery history!

$3500 – Field testing with Shift Labs – You cover your airfare, but we’ll cover your housing & logistics for 3-5 days of field testing. You fly into the closest major city, and we’ll come get you (from the airport, or a hotel nearby) and bring you to the field. Transport & accommodation conditions may be rough, you’re in charge of keeping yourself healthy w/ vaccinations and all that stuff, and we’ll ask you to sign a waiver. But you’ll get a first-hand view of what field testing a prototype looks like. Potential sites: Uganda