Princeton, NJ-based TigerLabs (@tigerlabsco), which just hosted its first class of startups and demo day last month, has officially opened applications for their first winter class. The group will begin in February and will be focusing exclusively on digital health startups.

Applications are due by November 15 and are accepted from both individuals and teams.

Selected applicants will receive $20,000 seed capital, Microsoft Biz Spark Plus membership, as well as first class legal services from DrinkerBiddle. The group is strongly emphasizing its position in the heart of the US pharmaceutical industry.

Tigerlabs will be considering entrepreneurial ventures across a wide spectrum of solutions. Some technologies they are explicitly looking to fund include:

  • Mobile Health (mHealth): helping consumers take control of their health with fun, elegant and easy to use mobile applications
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): Platform delivery of cloud based medical records, data, information, and provider information.
  • Disease management: Identification, reporting, tracking, and analysis of disease diagnosis, spread, and treatment.
  • Integrated care management: Connecting inputs, delivery management, and organization of services related to diagnosis, treatment, care, rehabilitation and health promotion.
  • Adherence programs: Allowing providers, payers, and consumers to monitor adherence to remote medical treatment.
  • Big data: Compilation, analysis, and presentation of consumer, professional, clinical, payment, and medical records data.
  • Clinical discovery platforms: Assisting in the implementation, monitoring, analysis, and discovery of clinical platforms.
  • Self diagnosis: Allowing consumers to observe, record, understand, and cure simple health problems.
  • Remote monitoring: Enabling health providers and payers to track consumer adherence, health, payment, and medical records virtually.
  • Payer/consumer disruption: Developing the relation between the payer and consumer through improved communication, payment, understanding, and conveyance of information.
  • Virtual care: Providing consumers access to doctors, healthcare professionals, through platform applications.
  • Remote therapy: Virtual assessment, delivery, and monitoring of therapeutic care.

Other TigerLabs Health partners who will be providing various services and perks to the resident companies include the brands pictured below.

The first class of TigerLabs startups was dubbed TigerLabs University and included teams from Princeton, Penn State, Virginia Tech, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University of Chicago, and Lehigh University. There are currently eleven companies that call TigerLabs Commons, the co-working office space the accelerator has setup, and they are looking to add as many as 40 more.

[Update 10/4: Link to TigerLabs application page above fixed]