There are many note taking apps for Android devices on the market, some very similar, some complex, some insufficient, and some ahead of the pack. It all depends on what you need out of a note taking resource, or for what purpose you will be using note taking apps. EverNote is the forerunner when it comes to complexity. It is technically superior to some other apps while remaining stable and consistent with its content. Another that is close behind EverNote would be GNotes. Its seamless syncing options, sharing features, and intuitive design makes it a major competitor to EverNote. Also, both of these apps have handwriting capabilities that those with styluses will be happy to hear.

The other three apps highlighted in this review are all on the same playing field in regard to functionality and features. ColorNote has the advantage of using colors to categorize different types of notes, Catch Notes’ major advantage is its collaborative abilities, and Mobisle Notes is on the list for its transparency, simplicity of use, and advanced Settings options. AK Notes and OneNote would have had more lengthy reviews had it not been for device incompatibility and such similarity to another app in the review. They are both popular and widely used note taking apps among the Android community for their efficient functionality productivity.

Additional Information

Phone used for review: Samsung Galaxy S

Disclosure: Ten apps were compiled based on popularity and other reviews from blogs, online forums, and the Google Play market. Three were then excluded for either usability, aesthetics, authority, stability, relevance, or quality of content inadequacies. Two apps were included as notable mentions: one because of aforementioned device compatibility issues and the other due to a similarity issue with Catch Notes. App price was not a factor in choosing the top five to officially review.