Usability: GNotes offers an intuitive design at first glance. However, the deeper into creating a note the user gets the more he/she realizes that there are far more features than are initially apparent. For instance, attaching other items to a note, taking a picture, voice recording, and handwriting or stylus optimization. The homescreen of the app defaults to showing all created/recorded notes for easy access. The user also has the option to sync GNotes with their Google account. It’s useful that the option is given instead of mandated as some users would not want their information to be shared using the cloud. If desired, notes that simply live within GNotes itself until it’s decided to share or sync them.

Aesthetics: On the app homescreen, a nice mosaic of all notes is displayed. Users can choose to display their notes in thumbnail or list format under the Settings option of the app. Of all the apps discussed in this review, GNote offers the most visually appealing interface. It contains many of the same technical enhancement as EverNote without being overwhelming to look at.

Authority: The Settings option offers FAQ, feedback, help, and about sections pertaining to the app and its developers. Users can run a scan for a more recent update or version of GNotes within the Settings as well. There is no information about the developer(s) of the app itself in the Settings, however. Upon further investigation Google Play reveals the developer as Dato Jun and provides a link to a Google+ page.

*Notable Mention: Due to compatibility issues, Microsoft’s OneNote could not be reviewed in this write-up, though it’s syncing and sharing capabilities are comparable to GNotes.

Stability/Updates: Again, the user can choose whether or not to setup an account to sync their GNotes with a Google account. If syncing is desired and an account is created, users have preferred sync options in their Settings. For example, syncing can be designated to only commence when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Relevance: GNotes offers many of the key features that users are looking for in efficient note taking apps. The handwriting and item attachment options are robust and truly add to the quality of the note taking experience. Many users require the use of a stylus in a note taking app and GNotes does a good job at accommodating. Also, GNotes allows users to attach reminders to notes and share notes with colleagues. One feature GNotes is lacking is the ability to share a note for collaboration with others. Notes and items can be shared but not altered by colleagues.

Quality of Content: GNote provides enough information about backup, syncing, functionality, creating, and sharing to make a user feel comfortable with using the app. Most of this information is found in the Settings feature of the app while others present themselves in the way of highlights that appear as you use the app for the first time. A first-time user will notice that tips and tricks will pop up playing around with the app. Some suggestions that appear are customizing the order of the attachment icons within a note and creating multiple folders for different types of content.