Catch Notes

Usability: Out of all the note taking apps discussed in this post, Catch Notes is most like the dynamic EverNote app described above. Catch allows user to set reminders, store photos and sound bytes, make general lists, and record simple text notes. These are able to be saved to what Catch Notes calls ‘spaces.’ These spaces can house note on different subjects, private notes, or miscellaneous items,  for instance. This intuitive compartmentalization of notes and media makes it easy for the user to keep track of his/her contents. Sharing can take place with whole spaces or on an individual item level. This dynamic user interface lends itself to an array of users (from amateur to tech savvy).

*Notable Mention: there are other apps that can be used with a login. One of the most popular and most intuitive is AK Notepad.

Aesthetics: Users will find that Catch Notes is visually appealing and professionally developed. The look and feel of the app is a major player in why it seems like a trusted resource. The inviting colors and simple content organization makes it fun and almost second-nature to handle.

Authority: Catch Notes doe s superb job at displaying developer and policy information within the app. The gear icon in the upper right corner of the homescreen brings up the app settings option where user can scroll to the bottom to see FAQs, terms of use, privacy policy, and to find a user feedback form. This blatant transparency of provenance is a strong indicator that the Catch Notes app is presented by a reputable source.

Stability/Updates: Backing up items and media in Catch Notes is as simple as navigating to the Settings option and performing the backup. This is sync your app items with the web version of Catch Notes at It does not look like it’s possible to backup your Catch Notes items to your device’s SD card. For some users this may pose a problem.

Relevance: Catch Note’s location function give it an advantage over other note taking apps. If you choose to accept the terms of use, your physical location will be attached to a recorded note, picture, sound, or checklist. This adds a social media component to Catch Notes which most simple note taking apps on the market do not currently have. In order to fully compete with a forerunner like EverNote, Catch Notes could implement an annotation function or stylus-enabled note option. Text-only note taking is currently available and there is no way of attaching a PDF to a note, for example.

Quality of Content: The information contained in the Settings feature of Catch Notes is sufficient for first-time user to understand what portions of the app are customizable and which sections are static. The interface and functionality seem to be glitch-free with seamless syncing making this note taking app one to take note of.