Purpose of App Review

To explore how WoundSmart affects the wound care professional’s workflow, and its suitability for other medical professionals who treat wounds


From pressure ulcers to surgical incisions to full thickness burns, wounds are ubiquitous in medicine.

The process of re-examining the progress of a wound can be simple or very time-consuming and complex.

Wound Smart is an iPhone app that aims to take the process of tracking a wound over time and simplify it for health professionals.

User Interface

Tracking the progress of a wound can be quite involved, with characteristics such as wound type, size, color, exudate and associated symptoms needing documentation over time. WoundSmart is designed with wound care professionals in mind.

Multiple patients with multiple wounds can be stored in the app with accompanying photographs and extremely detailed descriptors for patient demographics and wound characteristics. Because demographics and medical history don’t change on a day-to-day basis–they only need to be entered once–subsequent wound entries for a particular patient will automatically populate those fields, as shown below.

While the menus can be long and cumbersome given the level of detail offered, they can just as easily be skipped if that level of detail is not desired.

Summarized outputs can be generated for quickly viewing the details of a wound, and can also be emailed in PDF format for printout and making an addition to a health record.

A handy reference section is available for trainees to quickly look up relevant topics such as burns and pressure ulcer staging.

As with any app that deals with sensitive patient information, security is always a concern.  WoundSmart takes a more proactive approach by having an actual HIPAA information section, asking users to utilize measures such as obtaining patient consent, serializing patient identifiers, and password protecting the device and app (one is prompted to create a password upon opening the app).

The responsibility, though, is in the user’s hands and health care professionals should take steps to ensure that their use of the app is in a fashion that is compliant with local laws.


  • $19.99


  • Great amount of detail for wound descriptions
  • Smooth user interface allows for quick inputting of information


  • No easy way to quickly view wound changes over time (eg. in graph form)
  • PDF outputs can quickly become multiple pages long and too cumbersome for daily use

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • Wound care nurses, plastic/vascular surgeons/residents, medical students, other health professionals who treat wounds


  • WoundSmart is a great app for effectively documenting wound examinations, and a good fit for both dedicated and non-dedicated wound care professionals
  • Be sure your usage of the app is compliant with local laws governing patient information.

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iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

Rating: (1 to 5 stars) 3.5 stars
User Interface: 4
Multimedia usage: 4
Price: 2
Real world applicability: 4