TechStars Boston has announced their fall class, which includes three digital health startups this time around.

Previous TechStars Boston classes have included some of the most promising digital health startups in the country, including and GymPact, so we should pay close attention to these companies.

All three are from the Boston area and include one focussed on patient outcomes, and two focused on women's health.

Med2Bed connects hospitals and post-acute care facilities to improve patient outcomes. By giving hospitals a common web-based platform to coordinate efficient and high-quality discharges with skilled nursing facilities and patients, Med2Bed ensures that patients get to their preferred nursing facilities without delay.

Ovuline (@ovuline) helps couples conceive faster. Going beyond fertility calendars and period trackers, Ovuline tells couples when they are fertile and exactly what to do each day to maximize their chances of getting pregnant. Ovuline can also be used to avoid pregnancy or track menstrual cycles. The video below is a great demo of the Ovuline platform.

BetterFit Technologies (@mybetterfit) is personalized medicine company committed to facilitating data-driven healthcare decisions for patients and providers. What sets them apart, according to their website, is that they consider the unique complexities of the individual, not just what's known about their drugs.

Our tools predict the side effects and overall efficacy of drugs on an individual level by comparing your profile of past drug reactions and medical conditions to other users in our database. By learning what methods people like you have had the most success on we can predict which methods are more likely to work for you.

BetterFit's first product is being piloted with women using hormonal birth control, but the company claims their technology can be used for any condition provided a database of patients is provided. Other patient populations the company plans to expand into include antidepressants, attention deficit disorder, and menopause hormone therapy. Check out the video demo below.