Gainesville, FL-based (@RegisterPatient) has raised $1.1 million of a potential $4.1 million round to continue the build out of its comprehensive patient management platform for providers.

The platform is loaded with features, and as a white label solution, it plugs into the backend of a providers existing website. Once added, the platform opens up a whole new world of potential productivity and patient engagement tools to providers.

The primary feature is the 24 hour patient registration portal, which not only allows the patient to schedule their appointments when convenient, but it also gives them a printable map to the location of the appointment and allows them to register for a personalized account on the provider’s system so they can save an incomplete appointment form and come back and finish it later. The patient can also see when their physician is available using a calendar feature, making it very quick and simple to choose a time and book it before it’s filled.

For patients experiencing pain or illness who want to alert their physician to this condition before coming in for their appointment, the system offers an animated form feature which enables the patient to specifically identify where and what type of pain/discomfort they are experiencing.

Providers can use the platform to make patient referrals, verify patient insurance information to get details on their eligibility and benefits, and make prescription drug refill requests.

For providers without an existing website (which is inexcusable in 2012 folks) RegisteredPatient offers a customizable Facebook application that can be used to the same end. This allows providers to simply sign up for a company page on Facebook, then add the RegisterPatient application to engage patients and allow them to schedule appointments.

The RegisterPatient solution is modestly priced, costing providers between $49.95 and $69.95 per month depending on how much the provider pays up front. If they pay a full year up front, the cost is $49.95/month, if they pay six months up front its $59.95/month, and if they pay month-to-month it will cost them $69.95/month.

Regardless of which payment plan the provider chooses, the features offered are identical with additional fees charged only for advanced customization of the online forms to include the provider’s logo and other features. The company also recently received a six figure grant from the State of Florida for job training as the company grows and adds to its team.