Does mHealth deserve so much enthusiasm? How do we know it’s truly beneficial?

How can we create sound studies to demonstrate the impact of mobile health apps?

These are some of the questions we pondered last night, and it was an extremely stimulating discussion.

The topics we addressed were as follows:

  • T1: Some people claim that the mHealth industry is “overhyped.” Is there any truth to this? What drives your enthusiasm for mHealth ?
  • T2: How can we demonstrate the utility of mobile health apps? What kind of data do we need to show something “works”?
  • T3: How can we get this data? And who should fund it? Healthcare institutions? Startups? Other?

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Also a reminder that from now on, the chats will be held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month–that means the next chat is on Wednesday, October 3. Thank you to all of our participants from last night!