By: Antonio DeRosa, MLIS

Eponyms for Android is a free app that’s simple to use and very straight forward.

There’s not much to this app aside from looking up an eponym by name or browsing by subject area.

You have one of two options when searching Eponyms for content–you can browse by category or search for an eponym using the search feature.

The search box can be found in any category you choose, or in the ‘ALL CATEGORIES’ field to search the entire app.

The search box in a specific category only searches the eponym in that subject group.

Searching works well and browsing the list of eponyms in a category is easy with the grey bar on the right side of the screen to quickly jump to a letter in the alphabet instead of laboriously scrolling.

alt (6) (All categories search and browse view is seen here.)

alt (2)

(Easy browsing functionality with the scrolling bar.)

Aside from searching or browsing for eponym information in this app, you can also see your recent activity (‘RECENT’ option at the top of the main screen) and mark eponyms as favorites (tapping on the star icon to the left of an eponym).

The ‘FAVORITES’ field at the top of the main screen of Eponyms is most useful for quick access to common or recurring conditions you just can’t seem to remember.

Also helpful are the links on an eponym record that connect to Wikipedia or Google. Though they are not the most reputable of sources for scientific or medical information, they are still helpful in learning the scope of a topic and searching for more revered sources for further learning.

alt (4)

(Add eponyms to your FAVORITES by tapping the stars to the left.)

alt (1)

(Screenshot after choosing an eponym record.)

Information on the authority of this app is viewable by navigating to the ‘INFO’ section of the resource. The developer of this app builds eponym databases for Blackberry and iPhone as well, though it’s unclear where the root information comes from for all these databases.

Yes, it’s nice that the Eponyms app is easy to use and quick at retrieving a short description of a particular eponym, but, personally, this means little when the reputation of the source information cannot be determined.

alt (5)

(Programming and content provider information)


  • Free


  • Non-complexity of content and navigation
  • Simple search options that are understandable
  • FAVORITES section for speedy referral to commonly encountered eponyms


  • Lack of authority from both app and developer website
  • No advanced customization features aside from FAVORITES and RECENT activity
  • Links to Wikipedia and Google


  • Eponyms for Android could be a better app if it offered links to more reputable sources and/or was more transparent regarding eponym information sources
  • It is handy as a quick access tool in both the clinical environment and research setting, though if time allows, the user should compare the information to another resource to ensure accuracy
  • For being a no fee application Eponyms for Android does an okay job of providing users with information when they need it, though there is no way of knowing how trusted this information is

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