By Matthew Noble

First things first.

Biochemistry Normal Values isn’t a great app. It’s not that it is bad – in fact it does what it sets out to do in a simple and effective way – it’s just that it could be so much more.

Biochemistry Normal Values is a basic app listing normal values for common laboratory investigations (and not just biochemistry ones!).

It is one of the only apps in the Google Play store which does this for free, and free is a good price point.

Yes, it is very limited in the number of investigations for which it gives normal values (just eight groups of tests in the current version), but it does so in an easy-to-read and no-nonsense style.

Open the app, click Full Blood Count and there is a table of the values you want.


But that’s about it.

It’s a useful starting point, and I like the fact that the Android ecosystem has advanced enough to allow an app like this to be published. But it needs a lot more data to be even remotely useful at this stage.


  • Free


  • No nonsense approach to providing the information needed, quickly
  • There’s a lot of potential here


  • Limited number of tests offered at the moment
  • No evidence base supplied


  • Biochemistry Normal Values is a basic and somewhat limited free app containing reference ranges for some tests.


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