by: Guido Giunti


“Standard Dictations” is an Android app aimed at helping residents and med students write clinical charts without having to remember all the steps of every procedure.

This was created by Android developer Eric N. Brown and it is his first one on the Play Store.

The App

“Standard Dictations” loading time is essentially nonexistent.



This is a good thing considering that if we are on our work shift’s hour 10 and we are still writing charts, our patience might be lacking.

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The main screen holds a list of all dictations available and we can sort them by pressing “Menu” and tapping on “Filter by dictation type” which include:

  • Starred
  • Procedures
  • Exams
  • Counseling
  • Ophthalmology
  • PM & R
  • Other Notes

The “Starred” category works like a bookmark feature where we will find those dictations that we marked by touching the star icon. A good feature to have should the app continue to add more and more dictations to its database.

alt (3)

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Also by pressing “Menu”, the option to find more information about the app and its author appears as well as a button to “re-initialize database” (which we assume is used in the event that after an upgrade the list of dictations doesn’t work properly).


We selected three scenarios that are repeated often enough during the life of a resident in which we figured this app might be of use:

  • Admitting a patient
  • Performing a thoracocentesis
  • Educating a patient.

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In each case we found the information to be accurate and helpful as a starting point when you’ve been stuck on one of those really long shifts and you just can’t muster the mental energy to form coherent thoughts, let alone put them on paper.

Unfortunately, phrasings and even procedures vary from hospital to hospital and even more from country to country so stuff the app takes for granted might not be so on spot where you work.


  • Free


  • Good idea
  • Fair amount of dictations
  • Information is accurate


  • Since the app only displays text with little or no format at all, on longer dictations the text just gets blurry and it becomes difficult to keep track of the sentences


  • “Standard Dictations” is a good app to have if you are just starting your residency just be sure to check what procedures and steps are different where you are to avoid headaches.