Being diagnosed with cancer of any form can be very upsetting and difficult to manage.

Astrazeneca have developed Prostate Assistant, a patient support app which aims to simplify the challenges of managing prostate cancer.

Opening the app presents the user with range of options as shown in the screenshot below.

The main sections include options to manage healthcare professionals, appointments, progress and some helpful frequently asked questions. Adding a healthcare professional is straightforward and allows you to input all their contact details and their specialty as well as where they work.

It is also similarly straightforward to add appointment times into the apps calendar. It is frustrating that these do not integrate with the iPad/iPhone calendar and alerts are only accessible upon opening the app.

Despite this, the ability to add, locations as well as specific tests means it is useful to track and manage all aspects of your attendance.

The next major section deals with your progress. This is further split into treatment history, PSA levels and symptoms. The treatment history section requires detailed information such as number of cores affected and gleason score; information which not all patients may know. It is useful, though,to be able to provide detailed treatment and management information to your practitioner if requested.

One area that is not really covered with this app is security. At no stage was there any security features implemented despite the fact that highly confidential medical records are being stored in the app. This is clearly the patients choice whether they use the app; however, it is something for healthcare professionals to bear in mind before recommending this app.

Finally, the support section offers a useful section whereby you can record questions for your next appointment as well as a range of frequently asked questions covering topics such as symptoms and side effects, tests and investigations. There is also a list of useful organizations (UK) which will help provide support and further information.


  • Free


  • Comprehensive management app covering all major aspects of treatment
  • Ability to build a complete medical record related to the patients prostate cancer
  • Straightforward user interface that is not overly complicated


  • Lack of security features
  • Potentially overwhelming detail required when recording treatment details


Overall, Prostate Assistant is a great app for Urologists and general practitioners to recommend to their patients who are keen to closely track and manage their condition. It is a straightforward app with plenty of options that allow each patent to comprehensively track their treatment.