Tel Aviv-based Oxitone has launched a crowdfunding campaign for its wrist-worn pulse oximeter, which could put an end to the traditional bulky and obtrusive “crocodile clip” monitor.

The company is seeking $50,000 for its “Flexible Funding Campaign”, which means the company receives all the funds committed regardless of whether they reach their fundraising goal.

The pulse oximetry and heart rate information is displayed on a device screen in real time. A Bluetooth-connected smartphone/PC application obtains, analyzes the information and alerts the treating physician or medical call center in emergency situations.

The company’s OxiWear technology exploits coherent light speckle technology to produce a signal from the pulsatile blood flow. By integrating the company’s novel blood flow sensor with conventional photoplethysmography, Oxitone has developed a  method of optical signal acquisition and processing that is resistant to motion artifacts.



The smartphone/PC dashboard application unwinds the patient daily health profile, which is being continuously uploaded to a cloud. The information can also be securely shared by the patient with the family or community members, offering the patients and caregivers peace of mind.

Founded in 2010 by Leon Eisen as an “incubator startup”, Oxitone has successfully completed a proof of concept in a clinical setting.

In addition to eliminating the obtrusive and annoying “crocodile clip” which most pulse oximeters on the market utilize, Oxitone also offers a cloud-based patient record service and automated physician alerts when data captured indicates a problem with the user’s vitals.

Estimates on the total size of the pulse oximetry market range from $200 million to $1 billion with an approximate 6-11 percent compound annual growth rate. Target customers for a device like Oxitone’s are the 5000 sleep labs, 16,100 nursing homes and approximately 30 million patients in the US and EU suffering from sleep disorders, pulmonary diseases and congestive heart failures.

Oxitone has a patent pending for its photoplethysmography device which describes in considerable technical detail how they use light absorption rates to determine oxygen saturation in a subject.

Check out the video below to see a brief demo of the Oxitone technology and contribute to the Oxitone campaign on IndieGoGo.

Below the video you can see what your contribution will earn you.

$25 “Innovator”

Innovator-backer will receive an awesome Oxitone beverage mug with the Oxitone logotype and personal thank-you e-mail.

$50 “Enthusiast”

Enthusiast-backers will become the proud owner of our Special Edition Oxitone T-shirt, a garment that will inspire you to become an Oxitone watch advocate. Also, you will receive Oxitone Enthusiast Card which will allow purchasing Oxitone watch with the discount of 25%. Please, add minimum $5 to cover additional postage and handling.

$100 “Passionate Backer”

Passionate backers will find their name in a list of VIP Oxitone watch advocates, will become a proud owner of our Special Edition Oxitone T-shirt. Also, you will receive Oxitone Enthusiast Card which will allow purchasing Oxitone watch with the discount of 50%. Please, add minimum $5 to cover additional postage and handling.

$200 “Early Bird”

Early Birds backers help us to prove that people actually interested in our wrist-worn health monitor. You are pre-ordering Oxitone watch which will retail for $249. Also, you will receive Oxitone Early Bird Card with the 25% discount for all our services and our Special Edition Oxitone T-shirt.

$400 “Early Bird Platinum”

You are pre-ordering two Oxitone watches which will retail for $249 plus participation in beta-device validation program and free Oxitone server space to daily health records for one year. Plus Special Edition Oxitone T-shirt.

$1,000 “Hero Backer”

You are our hero! All of the above, plus five Oxitone watches and five places in beta-device validation program. Also, free Oxitone server space for daily health records for life. Plus Special Edition Oxitone T-shirt.