Last night we held one of the most exciting #mHealth chats yet with special guest Dr. Eric Topol, author of The Creative Destruction of Medicine. We at iMedicalApps would sincerely like to thank him for joining us and sharing his perspectives and insights.

We discussed various aspects about the current and future state of medicine, including the “digitalization” of medical practice and patients, the possibility of truly achieving individualized medicine, and how we can shift the current, change-resistant culture of medicine to receive these new ideas with an open mind.

The specific topics discussed are listed below:

  • T1: What are some good examples of how “digitizing” humans is already changing the practice of medicine?
  • T2: Most docs think they already treat patients as individuals. Do they? Is it possible to truly practice personalized medicine? What are some misconceptions about “population” medicine?
  • T3: How receptive is the medical community to technological advances? How can we train tomorrow’s doctors to embrace the benefits of this revolution?

Check out the archive here!