Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest healthcare providers in the United States recently announced that over 4 million people are accessing their web-based electronic health record via Kaiser’s My Health Manager.

This free service is available for all Kaiser Permanente members. Members can visit here to sign up to activate and access their personal health records.

This comes after successfully launching My Health Manager for iOS devices in May. Prior to that, it was only available on the web or through the Android platform.

In fact, the iMedicalapps team reported on this event, noting that members can email their providers, check lab test results, order prescription refills, and manage appointments — all from the convenience of their mobile phone, where and when they choose.

According to Healthcare IT News, that the increase in active users comprises more then 63% of their eligible members and demonstrates that consumers find the organization’s personal health record (PHR) to be an effective and convenient way to manage their health.

George Halvorson, chairman and chief executive officer of Kaiser Permanente explains.

“My Health Manager empowers members to take charge of their health, and our data show that they are doing just that. In the last six months, 67 percent of registered members signed on to My Health Manager two or more times. By revisiting the website, our members are getting a complete picture of their health past, so they can make the best health choices in the future.”

Also of note is that the mobile-optimized website has received more than 9.7 million visits, accounting for 16% of total traffic to kp.org in the month of July.

Some interesting statistics emerge based on results from 2011. During that time period, members signed on to My Health Manager website more than 74 million times. In fact, 29.7 million lab results were viewed online, 12.2 million emails were sent to providers, 10 million prescriptions were refilled and 2.7 million appointments were scheduled.

One of the reasons sited for the growth in traffic is how easy it is for patient’s to find out health information in a timely manner. A member, Cecilia Castillo, discusses the appeal.

“It brought me peace of mind. I’ve had doctors before where I’ve had to wait for results for a long time. You sit there worrying and you get stressed out, and that just adds to everything else that you’re worried and stressed out about. It really put my mind at ease to have easy and quick access to my lab results.”

Source: HealthcareIT