The 5 Minute Clinical Consult (5MCC) is an internationally renowned medical reference resource which is available from a range of developers on numerous platforms.

5 Minute Clinical Consult is published by LWW and provides rapid-access information on the diagnosis, treatment, medications, follow-up, and associated conditions of diseases and conditions.

It contains over 900  medical conditions to help physicians diagnose, treat, and follow up with patients. 5MCC 2012 also includes 200 pediatric topics, 130 dermatology images, medical news RSS feeds, and Diagnosaurus with 1,000 differential diagnoses.

This version of 5MCC published by renowned developers Unbound Medicine also enables web access to 5MCC so it is available from any internet enabled device.

5 Minute Clinical Consult opens with a simple yet effective menu system which allows users to browse 5MCC, Diagnosaurus, select pediatrics topics as well as medical rss feeds and related news.

Selecting a condition is simple using the robust search function or the A-Z index. Tapping on it brings the user to the business end of the app and Unbound Medicine have done well to convert this text into an appropriate mobile form. It is simple to access the subsection titles which allows users to quickly access the relevant information. The actual layout is clear and I was impressed by the smoothness and ease of use.

The images included are of a medium to high resolution although they do pixelate when zoomed in using a mobile screen.

One of the desirable features of the mobile version of 5MCC is the ability to update it on the go to ensure all the content is up to date. Other useful features include the dedicated search function which includes the ability to dictate search terms as well as the option to filter which resources are actually searched.

There were moments where I was frustrated with 5MCC although this was mainly due to two recurrent issues. Firstly, there was no simple workaround to share articles via email or other means using the app. I had to rely on the inbuilt text select function. My second annoyance was the +- button which appeared every time I scrolled the screen and was often more of a hinderance than a help.


  • $59.99


  • Clear user interface with robust search function
  • Ability to alter text size using simple touch gestures
  • Crosslinks which link together related topics
  • Content can be updated over the internet


  • Would be nice to be able to email/export articles from the app rather than use a difficult select text and share method
  •  Can’t get rid of the +- button without waiting for it to disappear which is sometimes frustrating


  • The version of 5MCC developed for Android by Unbound Medicine is one of the most refined seen to date. The simple and effective user interface means key content is easily accessed at the point of care whilst the inclusion of algorithms and other features make this a useful app for internal medicine physicians everywhere.

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