By: Justin Hunt MD

While the iPhone has multiple Absite(ABS In-Training examination) review applications available, surgical residents using the android platform finally have an app to help them prepare for the yearly end of January test.

The Absite is a multiple-choice examination designed to measure the progress attained by residents in their knowledge of basic science and the management of clinical problems related to general surgery. The ABSITE is used by program directors to evaluate surgical residents progress through training.

The app is also useful to any surgeon who wants to refresh their general surgery knowledge.

The Absite Quiz app was created by the Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Dale Dangleben, MD, FACS.

Dangleben in conjunction with Cedar Sinai’s Ali Salim, MD, FACS collected Absite related questions and references from 22 of their surgical residents to create the question base for this app making it for residents, by residents.


The application itself is quite simple as far as functionality goes. A simple splash screen gives you the option to start the quiz, view information about the app, or link to the surgical education website.

alt (1)

Clicking on the quiz button takes you directly into a random series of multiple questions. Clicking on an answer reports whether you are correct and automatically brings up the explanation and references.

alt (2)

alt (3)


  • Free


  • Content – the questions cover topics that are frequently seen on the ABSITE over and over again
  • Efficiency – Launches questions quickly and gets to the facts about that topic with a very direct explanation of the question


  • Question selection – you cannot guide the app to give you categories of questions. It gives you a random question selected from the database each time and on rare occasion it will present the same question within 10 questions
  • Question format – most of the questions are factual queries; however, the real test and especially the senior level test contains a significant amount of clinical vignettes which I have yet to encounter in this app

Final Thoughts:

  • Overall this app fulfills a need among surgical residents to use downtime to prepare for the in-service exam
  • Could be greatly improved by allowing topical selection of questions, ensuring that questions are not repeated in the short term, and including clinical vignette style questions

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