One of the great hurdles of any medical specialty is the feat to ensure that patients are fully aware of what to expect during various medical procedures and they completely understand what is going on with their bodies.

Whether regarding normal physiology or abnormal pathology, it’s difficult to truly grasp the meaning of a diagnosis or the explanation of a procedure without being able to visualize it.

As trained medical professionals, we sometimes forget our patients have not been up close and personal with the human body as we have and, as a result, we can tend to skim over details or fail to fully explain medical information to our patients.

As I’ve said in many of my app reviews, the use of technology in medicine is enhancing many things, but one of my favorite areas technology is helping improve is in the realm of patient education. By enhancing the tools that educate patients, we not only achieve a higher level relationship and trust with them, but we empower them to take control of their health care and truly understand what is going on with their bodies.

drawMD has released yet another app to their ever expanding drawMD line and this one shines just as brightly as the others. Including a wide variety of background pictures and stamps from the fields of Obstetrics and Gynecology, this app aims to improve women’s health by allowing us to better explain a variety of common obstetrical and gynecological issues that are routinely experienced clinically.

The app is extremely user friendly and intuitive – upon launching the user is taken to a main screen with colors and designs that are both functional and easy on the eyes.

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By including a very thorough and visual instructional section drawMD app creators have both increased usability of this app and decreased the chances of it ending up in the ever-expanding graveyard of medical apps that are downloaded only to eventually take up space on a device and never be put to good use in clinical settings.

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At the welcome screen the user is given an option to create a new drawing or access saved drawings. By creating a new drawing you are given a screen of default background pictures relevant to the app’s purpose along with the choice of using an image from your device’s photo album or draw from a blank slate.

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If the user chooses a stock photo they are taken to a screen with the photo and a variety of related “stamps” which can be sized with traditional iPad zooming techniques.

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You have an option to include default information in the boxes on the left which is well-explained in the instructions and accomplished through app settings on the iPad. This saves time for clinical use to avoid having to re-enter information every time you want to use the app in clinic.

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