By: J. Richard Pittman, Jr. M.D.

The iPad’s form factor and high-resolution screen offer the ability for extensive reading of any kind. There are numerous applications for reading books, news, and consuming other multimedia.

Reading medical literature is a slightly different experience — at least for me. Whenever I invest the time to read a medical article, I want to make sure I can take notes and highlight. It is important for me to get back to what I read whether writing a scholarly article, in teaching, or in clinical care.

Imitation is a natural experience on a printed document with the pen or highlighter in hand, but is not quite as easily accomplished in the digital format.

PDF Expert is one of a handful of PDF annotation applications — iMedicalApps has documented and reviewed many other PDF medical literature management apps in the past. This $10 application is a very helpful tool for reading, annotating, and organizing your medical articles.

The following video reviews some of the key features for PDF expert and demonstrates how an iPad app can help you organize your medical library.


  • Enable the reader to open a medical article from multiple sources into PDF expert.
  • To use the handy annotation tools available in PDF expert, showing how to annotate literature
  • To configure the synchronization with dropbox or other cloud-based servers

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