On Wednesday, iMedicalApps teamed up with the Society for Participatory Medicine (S4PM) to host an amazing e-Patient centered #mHealth tweet chat.

It was an extremely lively discussion; thank you to all who participated.

Mobile health is an exciting and rapidly growing industry.  As medical apps become more widely used in the healthcare setting and in patient care, it is important to listen to patients in creating effective apps that will be helpful to patients and providers alike.

These are the topics we discussed:

  • T1: As a patient, do you have concerns about the increasing use of mobile apps to manage health/wellness/chronic diseases?
  • T2: How would/do you respond if your doctor recommends a mobile app for health purposes? What do you wish you had an app for?
  • T3: How can patients help maximize the utility of mobile apps for advancing health or assisting in disease management? How about health professionals?

The archive can be found here.

Please note that next week, there will be no #mHealth chat due to July 4th.  We hope everyone has a great holiday.