7. Free iBooks

The release of iBooks 2 and the accompanying iBooks author has created a massive gap in the market for interactive electronic textbooks created by physicians, for physicians. The iBooks Author desktop application has lowered the barrier of entry for those interested in creating interactive textbooks. Now, Physicians armed with the desktop application and without prior programming skills are able to create beautiful medical textbooks at home, and publish them in the iBooks store — immediately making texts available to tens of millions of individuals.

iBooks now contains a range of medical texts that have been heavily featured here at iMedicalapps.

Since Apple’s announcement and our commentary, we have seen two acclaimed medical iBooks released, both free.

The first to launch was by Dr. Ed Wallitt of Podmedics, called “The Podmedics Do Surgery”. The iBook contains a range of interactive media including videos, podcasts, questions,and more. As the title states, the book is about common pathology seen in Surgery, and how to manage surgical patients.

The second major medical iBook to launch is by a medical student in the UK, Stuart Stewart, who created an iBook to help students understand and learn the Brachial Plexus to a greater details.

In our Video, we go over both books, showing how iBooks has the potential to change the way medicine is taught.


Links: The Podmedics Do Surgery; Brachial Plexus for Students (instructions to download the iBooks are located within the links provided)