6. Radiology 2.0: One Night in the ED

When I show this app to residents and attending physicians, their first question is, “How expensive is this?”. I have always gotten a look of shock when I explain to them the app is free.

The reason for the look of shock is due to the massive amount of content curated for the app. The app contains 65 Radiology cases that pertain to Emergency Medicine — but knowledge that can be used for almost every other specialty. The content has been curated by Daniel Cornfeld MD, who is an Assistant Professor at Yale University School of Medicine.

A text explanation of this app does not do it justice, and in the video we show how in-depth the cases are in regards to teaching. In short, when using Radiology 2.0 you feel like a radiology attending is sitting next to you teaching you each individual case.

This app is a must download for every medical professional, no matter your level of training.


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