The diversity and quality of the Top 10 free iPad medical apps list shows the iPad has become more than just a tablet for consuming everyday content. Rather, it shows the iPad now possesses the ability to improve the physician workflow, and as we demonstrated in our videos, offers the ability to improve the patient physician relationship.

Because of the App Store the iPad has become the fixture tablet for medical professionals, analogous to how Epocrates used to be on every physician’s Palm device in the early 2000s. Apple has clearly replaced Palm, and the diverse App Store has replaced Epocrates’s compilation of apps.

We would be remiss not to highlight Epocrates exclusion on this list. For a company that was at the forefront of mobile when the iPhone launched, Epocrates has yet to deliver a legitimate iPad offering, not even bothering to convert their popular iPhone app to iPad format. But the top 10 list highlights how there are many options for health care providers now, unlike before.

Much of the content in our compilation of apps is free because it was written by Physicians themselves, such as the The iBooks we mentioned along with the innovative 3D medical simulation apps — showing mobility is the future of medicine.

Maybe more importantly — this shows Physicians don’t have to be beholden to large software companies. Rather, we now have the power to create mobile tools for our own peers.

Below are medical apps that also met our inclusion list and are free, but did not make the top 10 list.