Stanford has launched a medical technology track within the university’s acclaimed StartX startup incubator.

StartX Med offers the following specialized resources for our founders:

  • Education: Tailored educational material in OTL negotiations, government grant writing, FDA submissions, IP law, reimbursements, and health care regulations
  • Specialized Mentorship: An amazing network of mentors and alumni, including serial entrepreneurs, consultants, industry experts, strategic partners and investors that participants are encouraged to go to for guidance, support, and advice
  • Tailored Workshops: Industry’s leading health care experts hold workshops and office hours in areas including business design for health care companies, reimbursement strategy, clinical and marketing strategy, and many more
  • Personalized Resources: Free legal support from top Life Sciences firms, grant submission support, HIPAA and FDA consulting, financing strategies, etc.

“With StartX Med, medical and biotechnology researchers, students, and faculty now have a better shot at finding a market for their products and services, regardless of their previous business experience. Instead of being silo’d in labs, healthcare innovation now has a greater chance of reaching the general public,” said Divya Nag, Founder of StartX Med and Stem Cell Theranostics. StartX Med’s first class includes a dozen startups selected from 37 applications submitted by 90 Stanford founders. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and can be filled out on the StartX website.

DermLink (@derm_link) is developing a mobile telemedicine platform that allows patients to use their smartphone to receive a diagnosis and prescription from a board certified dermatologist within 24 hours.

Gauss Surgical has developed an iPad application to scan surgical surfaces covered in blood, specifically pieces of gauze used to soak up blood during surgery. These images are sent to the cloud and analyzed by Gauss algorithms to estimate for the surgical team how much blood is present in the sample.

Nutrivise is a nutrition solution that recommends, in real-time, specific meals based on a client’s individual needs and location. The goal is to make diets as effortless as possible, asking people not to change their behaviors or where they eat, just the food they eat. Nutriverse allows its clients to cook at home, eat at restaurants, or have branded foods so they never need to compromise between lifestyle and diet.

Morpheus Medical creates the first patient-specific airflow simulation software for medical applications. Morpheus’s service will relieve millions of people suffering from chronic diseases such as obstructive sleep apnea, nasal obstruction and other breathing disorders. They use fundamental physics to make diagnostics and treatment planning better, cheaper, and faster.

ShopWell (@shopwell) is a personalized nutrition app that recommends foods to people based on their dietary needs and helps them build healthy grocery lists.

LARK enables the mobile phone to become a truly personal device that will monitor, alert, and improve your quality of sleep, work, and health.

Stem Cell Theranostics (SCT) is the first company to offer drug screening services using human cardiomyocytes (heart cells) derived from patients to accelerate the drug development process. SCT provide a faster, less expensive, and more efficient platform of predicting drug efficacy and toxicity at pre-clinical stages of drug development than currently available options.

ClearEar expands patient access and improves quality of ear care for the over 350M patients in need worldwide.

Bell Biosystems is applying a revolutionary cell imaging, homing, and selective destruction technology to tools in the next generation of drug delivery.

6dot (@6dot) is developing a new portable, easy-to-use braille labeling device based on unique labeling technology.

AgeTak builds solutions for healthcare and financial markets that simplify: combining enterprise data assets, maintaining identifiable-information privacy, and creating legal proof-of-compliance.

Medigram (@medigram) is building a secure, HIPAA-compliant group messaging system for medical professionals.

Breakthrough connects people with mental health providers anywhere, anytime, for high-quality online counseling and psychiatric care.