Our first special edition #mHealth chat, about FDA regulations and mobile medical apps, was a success thanks to our guest M. Jason Brooke, J.D., FDA regulatory attorney from Washington DC, and many other great participants.

In what Phil Baumann @HealthIsSocial called “the most important Twitter chat” he’d ever seen, we debated the need for regulation, which apps should be regulated, and the balance between over-regulation and ensuring patient safety.

We also discussed who should be involved in the regulatory process, and of course, whether the FDA regulations would hamper innovation. It was an exciting hour, and we’d like to thank everyone for their participation. We truly enjoyed the conversation!

The specific topics were:

  • T1: Should the FDA regulate mobile health apps? Why or why not? Will this stifle innovation, or is it a necessity?
  • T2: What kinds of apps or app types should be regulated? Why? What kinds should be exempt?
  • T3: Besides the FDA, what are other ways that apps could be regulated or otherwise controlled for quality/safety?

The archive can be read here. Join us next Wednesday, June 13, at 9pm ET for another great #mHealth chat!