The Discharge Follow-Up Appointment Challenge was won by a web-based app called MyHealthDIRECT.

Hospital discharge planners can use the app to identify openings for follow-up appointments and schedule patients for those open time slots. The app also sends appointment reminders using email and text messages. MyHealthDIRECT received $5,000 for their win

“While the Ensuring Safe Transitions Challenge highlighted the general importance of innovation in care transitions, the Discharge Challenge honed in a particular component of the space – post-discharge follow-up appointment scheduling” said Wil Yu, Special Assistant for Innovations at ONC. He continued, “this Challenge is a significant milestone not only in terms of discoverable content, but also in terms of the potential for impact.  This is the first i2 Challenge in which we offered a pilot opportunity.  The involvement of the Beacon Communities will go a long way in helping to realize the possibilities that Challenges create.”


MyHealthDIRECT – submitted by Jay Mason and Tom Reilly – MyHealthDIRECT is a web-based solution that effectively matches the demand for health care appointments with a supply of actual appointment slots. The solution subsequently enables discharge planners to search through their provider networks for appointments on behalf of their patients and actually book and confirm those appointments. Appointment reminders come in the form of e-mail and text and the system is highly scalable, available, configurable and modifiable.

Download the company slidedeck on the challenge website.



HePak – submitted by Luisette Figueroa – Health Pass Key (HePak) brings access to its information through three secure portals, all of which are designed to offer entity-specific features.  The three designated entities are hospitals, providers and patients.  The system, which contains HIE functionality, tracks appointments, admissions, transfers and discharges.

Portal functionality provides structured support to self-care by managing appointments, managing demographic/clinical information, learning about clinical procedures and receiving appointment reminders and updates via e-mail and text messages.

Download the company’s slidedeck on the challenge website.



mHealthCoach – submitted by Aamer Ghaffar – the mHealthCoach Care Transition Kit seeks to reduce hospital readmission rates for congestive heart failure patients using a patient centric approach.  The key modules include a hospital discharge tablet, real-time updates with secure messaging, multiple calendar syncing, educational content and medication literacy. The machine learning system attempts to keep all stake holders in sync.

The tool’s intuitive search incorporates twelve HHS data feeds making relevant information retrievable when necessary.