By the very nature of their job, Physicians are often limited in the amount of time they have available to review important medical literature.

Journal Club, an app iMedicalApps recently reviewed, aimed to simplify this process by utilising a physician driven wiki resource containing concise summaries of major academic papers.

A similar app, MyStudies, has been released for the iPad which has been created to offer physicians a range of important information related to 139 landmark studies from the last 30 years. Each study contains information such as:

• The absolute and relative numbers, NNT/NNH and the confidence intervals for all the important endpoints.
• Which results were statistically significant and those that weren’t.
• The important baseline characteristics.
• The results with either a 95 or a 99% confidence interval or only show those results that are statistically significant

The main studies covered in MyStudies at the moment are from major cardiovascular studies, although the developers are keen to update this and include a number of other specialties.

Opening the app presents the user with a list of papers and the option to subscribe to the service. The free app initially allows access to 10 studies although all the studies can be accessed via subscription. It is possible to search through the studies using the search function or alternatively arrange them chronologically or whether or not they have been viewed. Tapping on a study brings you to a three page summary of which usually consists of:

  • Table of results showing statistical significance. Adjusting the confidence interval will highlight certain parts of the results table and show you the key results
  • A series of tables showing details of the study, baseline measurements and baseline Labs
  • A concise summary of the paper including all the main salient points including Background, Methods, Results and Conclusions

The interactive user interface combined with the clear layout means it is genuinely easy to access and understand the results of the study. Furthermore, the results are color coded and help you identify which treatments are effective for which conditions. Changing between pages is as simple as swiping from side to side. The layout is clear and as you can see from the screenshots, all the important information is easy to find.

The following screenshot shows the final slide in each paper (with the Results/Conclusions) and this contains one of the strongest features of the app. Scrolling to the bottom of the page gives the user options to either:

  • Open the paper in Pubmed. which automatically opens in Safari
  • Open the paper in Papers, one of our top apps to manage medical literature
  • Open the paper in Mendeley, a great free website which allows groups to share papers

I really like this feature as it means MyStudies can really be integrated in to your daily workflow. The team behind MyStudies have considerable plans to update the app in the future.

Price: The app itself is free. The following are the current subscription plans. Note that during the introduction period, all subscriptions are half  price.

  • One Week Access A subscription valid for one week.
    1 USD
  • Three Months A subscription valid for 3 months.
    5 USD
  • One Year A subscription valid for one year.
    12 USD


  • Excellent user interface which makes key data accessible and simple to understand
  • Ability to export to academic literature apps such as Papers and Mendeley
  • Automatically downloads updates if subscribed
  • Abstract of each paper is included


  • No ability to search studies by specialty


MyStudies contains a good selection of studies covering a wide range of specialties. Unfortunately, there is no option to view by specialty and one must question whether 140 studies is a wide enough range. Despite this, the studies that have been collated are well presented and easy to understand. MyStudies is free and worth a look to see if it can offer you anything to impact your daily practice.

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