How has the development of anatomy apps affected how medical students learn anatomy?  Will iPads soon replace cadavers as the staple of anatomy class?  Come chat with iMedicalApps tonight at 9pm EST on Twitter as we discuss anatomy apps and medical education!

Joining us will be special guests from two major anatomy app developers: 3D4Medical, a company that produces medical and anatomy apps as well as medical stock images and animations, and Visible Body, a development firm that creates 3D anatomy platforms for mobile devices and computers.

 3D4Medical was just featured in Apple’s keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, where Apple showed a video demonstrating the utility of their anatomy apps in schools, especially those in third-world countries.  We have reviewed many of their anatomy apps here on iMedicalApps, including Knee Pro III, Hip Pro III, Shoulder Pro III, Muscle System Pro III, and Heart Pro III.

Visible Body has made its own cutting edge contributions to the anatomy app library, including the successful Visible Body 3D Human Anatomy Atlas, which is available on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android.  We’ve also explored many of their apps on iMedicalApps; we even named Visible Body the best anatomy app for physicians and medical students on the iPhone.

Hope you will join us for another stimulating discussion with some of the most innovative minds in mobile anatomy.  See you tonight!