The last time iMedicalApps covered Inkling, they were discussing Inkling for Web. Inkling for Web allows users to access titles online yet still benefit from the range of interactive features first seen in the iPad app. The structure of each title is still the same however the interface has been tweaked to reflect the different user interface of keyboard and mouse:

Inkling for Web hold a number of possibilities and is likely to significantly increase the number of students accessing Inkling texts as fully  interactive eTextbook can be accessed from any device eg a desktop computer

Inkling for Web was officially launched last Thursday and allows users to access all their Inkling titles via a browser. In order to do this, users should go to and log in using their existing user log in details. Read on for more information and a quick look at what Inkling for Web offers.

This will bring the user to the screen shown below:

It is then straightforward to select a title, which opens up within the same window. All the content is stored on Inklings servers rather than downloaded but despite this, the interface and loading was snappy and responsive on a reasonable internet connection. 

The quality and resolution of the media included was impressive and the images are cleverly downloaded at an appropriate level given the zoom. This means that if you zoom in to an image, the resolution increases.  The display of titles in Inkling for Web is designed for widescreen monitors and the user interface is second to none.

All the interactive features and functionality that we have come to expect from an Inkling title have made it into the online version.This includes:

  • Interactive media including flip cards, videos,
  • Ability to annotate, highlight and bookmark articles for future reading.
  • Search function
  • Quiz function
  • Social Integration
  • Price (ability to purchase by chapters)

For more details on these interactive features, check out our article on the six key features of Inkling titles.

One new feature that really struck me during Matt Macinnis’s demonstration of Inkling for Web for iMedicalApps was the ability to copy and paste sections of text from the titles into your word processor of choice. This is potentially a game changer for those of us who like to make electronic notes (and who doesn’t!) as now we can save time by copying across sections of text into relevant notes. This coupled with the ability to take screenshots and web clippings mean that users can now build up an impressive set of detailed notes. There is an ability to use the inbuilt dictionary (if using a Mac) to define words as shown in the screenshot below.

Ability to look upo definitions:

Ability to copy:

Adding notes and annotations to the web version of a textbook will result in those same notes and annotations being synced to the iPad version of your title. This is particularly useful if you are working in the library with your iPad as any notes you make will automatically update on the Web version and vice versa. This improves access to learning materials/resources and means that Inkling users can take their notes (and their texbooks) with them wherever they go!

Overall, I was very impressed with Inkling for Web. I think that it is a positive step forward for the eTextbook industry and sets the bar high for other companies working in this sector. It will be interesting to see how/if the other companies respond. If you are an Inkling user at all, I would encourage you all to try out the new Inkling for Web and see for yourselves what it is like.

iMedicalApps is planning to do a thorough review of this new platform and make a comparison with other companies in this industry! Stay tuned!

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