Innov8 for Health has teamed up with Sanofi-Aventis and other strategic partners to launch the newest digital health accelerator in Cincinnati.

Innov8 for Health follows a similar model to most of its predecessors in terms of program length (3 months), terms of investment (6 percent equity), and total capital available ($20K).

Innov8 for Health’s first class will have eight members, seven of which were announced on May 30th with one pending final clearance.

CCM Link developed the CHARTS application (Connected Health Activities Reminder & Tracking System) as a patient self-management and a care team support tool. CHARTs enhances communication between patients, care givers, and providers reducing the care coordination burden for caregivers and improving patient adherence to prescribed health activities.

Chronic Care Solutions uses digital media and social gaming dynamics to increase patients’ understanding about effective diabetes management to support positive lifestyle behavior change and treatment adherence. It works with patients from initial diagnosis through long-term management of Type 1 Diabetes.

I Feel Great Apps builds simple mobile and web tools to educate patients on health care costs and health safety. Users can match local health care providers to personal preferences, track treatments and medications, and view how healthcare choices impact their pocketbooks.

Intec Solutions created the System Access Requested Solution health IT program to automate the otherwise time consuming task for hospitals to manage employees’ access to Private Health Information. This reduces the administrative burden of maintaining the high level of security required to comply with federal HIPAA regulation and to produce reports for external auditors.

MedaCheck is developing a suite of software and hard ware solutions to tackle the $300+ billion problem of medication adherence by empowering patients to take the right medication, in the right amount, at the right time.

Betterpointment is simple and fast and uses machine learning and patient input to generate an appointment agenda and a concise opening remark. Betterpointment helps physicians, who need highly relevant patient input during the opening minutes of the exam, by eliciting focused patient communication to deliver a lower cost and higher quality mutual model of healthcare delivery.

Empowering Innovations is dedicated to helping empower people to reach their potential by providing real, fast, easy & long-term solutions to address issues that hold them back. The company’s first product, MyFear Zapper, is an interactive web-based game that helps children aged 3+ build long-term confidence by learning how to face and conquer fears. The product assists therapists, physicians and parents by using validated psychological techniques and gaming dynamics to teach children how to overcome fears and gain confidence.

An eighth startup is pending announcement upon being cleared.

Future phases of Innov8 for Health include:

Stay tuned next week for my interview with the upstart accelerator’s managing director Sunnie Southern.