3) Dropbox and Evernote

Depending on  your workflow, these are some of the most frequently used apps in the Emergency room. If you haven’t tried either app yet I suggest you do. We wrote about how physicians can use Dropbox in their workflow last year. I use Dropbox to pull up key PDF articles I have stored when I want to quickly brush up on rare pathology.

The following is a video demo of using Dropbox on the iPad for medical literature — it works in a relatively analogous fashion on Android.

I have various notebooks set up in Evernote where I store detailed information on various pathology. The great thing about Evernote is  you can access other public notebooks that physicians have set up as well.

A great notebook that all Emergency Medicine physicians should consider prescribing to is set up by Dr. Michelle Lin, who is an Associate Professor at UCSF.  The notebook is called “Paucis Verbis”, and you can use this link to learn how to subscribe to the notebook.

In the following video, I demonstrate how you can make use of shared notebooks using Evernote on an Android device:

Price: Dropbox and Evernote are both free to use, but do offer premium packages. The version of Evernote I demo in the video is free.


Links: Dropbox, Evernote